Donnerstag, Mai 26, 2022

guardian:Texas shooting: senator calls for ‘popular uprising of citizens’ to pressure Republicans on gun laws – latest updates

Murphy warns lawmakers: Do the right thing or you aren't coming back
Lois Beckett
Senator Chris Murphy has called for a “popular uprising of citizens” to pressure Republicans to support gun laws following the Uvalde massacre.
Speaking at a press conference Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill, alongside fellow Democratic lawmakers and activists from Everytown for Gun Safety, the Connecticut senator said he would be talking with Republican lawmakers in the coming days to try to pass compromise legislation: We’re going to extend a hand of partnership to those who have been sitting on the sidelines, to those who have chosen to side with the gun lobby… to try to find a path forward to makes our streets safer, to make our schools safer.
[We hope] we will be facilitated in finding that common ground by a popular uprising of citizens who are going to make clear: if you don’t do the right thing here, you aren’t coming back here. more...