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Freitag, September 16, 2011

the telegraph: London rioters had average 15 previous offences, figures show

Rioters who rampaged through London and other cities this summer had, on average, 15 previous offences to their name, it emerged today. [more...]

mail online: Soft sentencing blamed for riot rampage as it is revealed two thirds had criminal past

Soft sentencing was last night blamed for allowing hardened criminals to go on the rampage during last month’s riots. Official figures showed two thirds of rioters with criminal histories have never tasted prison. [more...]

the guardian: English city riots involved 'hardcore' of repeat offenders, first analysis shows

More than 70% of the 1,715 brought to court had previous convictions or cautions, but many youngsters had clean records. [more...]

Sonntag, August 14, 2011

guardian: Malaysian mugging victim Ashraf Haziq says 'Britain is great'



Student attacked in Barking amid London riots is discharged from hospital as police make arrest in connection with his attack [more...]

Donnerstag, August 11, 2011

The Wallstreet Journal: eBay Will Block Looted Goods

London looters attempting to sell stolen goods on eBay will be blocked from doing so, the company said in a statement. [more...]

Spiegel Online: Der Rechtsextremist, dein Freund und Helfer

Sie spielen sich als Hüter von Recht und Ordnung auf, als Bollwerk gegen die Randalierer: Die rechtsextreme English Defence League und die British National Party nutzen die Krawalle in britischen Städten zu ihren Zwecken. Doch ihre verbale Gegengewalt ist so gefährlich wie die Plünderungen selbst. [mehr...]

Mittwoch, August 10, 2011