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Freitag, August 09, 2019

guardian: Schoolchildren in China work overnight to produce Amazon Alexa devices

Leaked documents show children as young as 16 recruited by Amazon supplier Foxconn work gruelling and illegal hours
Hundreds of schoolchildren have been drafted in to make Amazon’s Alexa devices in China as part of a controversial and often illegal attempt to meet production targets, documents seen by the Guardian reveal. 

Samstag, Januar 14, 2012

spiegel online: Apple gibt schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen bei Zulieferern zu

Kurswechsel nach der Jobs-Ära: Apple-Chef Tim Cook hat erstmals schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen bei seinen Zulieferern eingestanden. Viele Vertragspartner kümmerten sich weder um die Sicherheit noch um die Umwelt - und um die Einhaltung der maximalen Wochenarbeitszeit erst recht nicht. [mehr...]

Donnerstag, Januar 12, 2012

Want China Times: Indignant workers threaten suicide at Foxconn park in Wuhan

According to the anti-Chinese government website China Jasmine Revolution, about 300 employees at Foxconn Technology Park in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in central China, threatened to kill themselves by jumping from the top of a building in the park. [mehr...]

Montag, September 19, 2011 Foxconn horsepower full one day produce 150,000 iPhone 5

Phantombild ?

And minced , under orders not Ultrabook manufacturers compared to Apple's order has been generous in many years especially on the iPhone out of stock. Recently broke the news that Taiwan's Foxconn Electronics Times, has been on full horsepower, iPhone 5 a day raise daily production to 15 million units. [more... (google translation)]

Sonntag, Juli 31, 2011 Foxconn to replace workers with 1 million robots in 3 years

Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn will replace some of its workers with 1 million robots in three years to cut rising labor expenses and improve efficiency, said Terry Gou, founder and chairman of the company, late Friday. [more...]