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Dienstag, September 27, 2011

wired: Apple Seals the Deal: iPhone 5 Event Set for Oct. 4

It’s about time. 
Apple is hosting its next iPhone event at its Cupertino, California, headquarters on Oct. 4. Press invites landed in media inboxes first thing this morning, with a very enticing tag line: “Let’s Talk iPhone.”[more...]

itopnews: iPhone-5-Event am 4. Oktober

Es ist amtlich! Soeben kommen aus den USA die ersten Meldungen, dass Apple für ein iPhone-Event am 4. Oktober Einladungen verschickt hat. Wie erwartet also der kommende Dienstag! [mehr...]

The Loop: Apple announces iPhone 5 event for Oct. 4

Apple on Tuesday officially announced its iPhone 5 launch event. According to the invitation received by The Loop, the event will be held on October 4 at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. campus. The event will begin at 10:00 am PT.  [more....]

Sonntag, September 25, 2011

ZDNet: Wintek hat Probleme mit der Displayfertigung fürs iPhone 5

Das Unternehmen baut 20 bis 25 Prozent der berührungsempfindlichen Bildschirme. Nach eigener Darstellung wird es alle Bestellungen pünktlich ausliefern. Angeblich will Apple 2011 noch mindestens 25 Millionen Geräte verkaufen. [mehr...]

Montag, September 19, 2011

Exclusive rumour: Apple to call iPhone 5 press conference on 5 October - Gerüchte Iphone 5 am 5.Oktober?

In the sort of hush-hush operation whereby we'd have to kill you etc etc, it seems that Apple is gearing up for a slightly earlier than previously expected iPhone 5 launch. [more...]

Donnerstag, September 01, 2011

cnet: Apple loses another unreleased iPhone (exclusive) - Apple verliert ein weiteres unveröffentlichtes iPhone

In a bizarre repeat of a high-profile incident last year, an Apple employee once again appears to have lost an unreleased iPhone in a bar, CNET has learned. The errant iPhone, which went missing in San Francisco's Mission district in late July, sparked a scramble by Apple security to recover the device over the next few days, according to a source familiar with the investigation. [more...]

wired: Apple Loses Another iPhone Prototype at a Bar, Says Report

Dienstag, August 23, 2011

MacRumors: Apple Building Cheaper 8GB iPhone 4, End of September Launch alongside iPhone 5

Reuters revives rumors that Apple is building a lower priced 8GB version of the iPhone 4 to launch this fall. Reuters cites "two people with knowledge of the matter". [more...]

Dienstag, Mai 24, 2011

wired: Rumor Roundup: iPhone 5 to Include Curved Glass, Faster Processor

Apple might be planning to adopt curved glass on the next iPhone, according to a report.
Taiwanese publication DigiTimes claims that Apple has purchased about 300 glass-cutting machines in preparation for producing curved cover glass for the iPhone 5. [more...]