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Donnerstag, November 12, 2020

The Sydney Morning Herald: One arrest leads to discovery of global online paedophile network

The arrest of one alleged child sex offender on the Central Coast in February led to the discovery of a further 13 suspects and 46 victims across the country as police uncovered what is believed to be an extensive online paedophile network used to share photos and videos of child abuse.

The operation, led by the Australian Federal Police, alongside NSW Police and other agencies, has seen 12 men arrested and two ordered to face court. Half of the men allegedly abused children directly and eight of the accused and 39 of the victims were in NSW. The accused face a total of 828 charges. more...

Dienstag, August 25, 2020

NEWS.COM.AU: Into anti-maskers after alleged assault on constable

Victoria’s chief police commissioner has torn into anti-maskers who think they’re above the law, slamming the foolish behaviour as “unacceptable, selfish and an arrogant approach”.It comes after police revealed a 26-year-old constable allegedly had her head smashed into the ground several times by a Melbourne woman who refused to wear a face mask. more... Policewoman attacked by anti-masker, new $5000 fine for coronavirus rule breakers

Translation to German Language about a Statement of
Chief Police Commissioner Shane Patton

Donnerstag, Januar 02, 2020

guardian: Australia fires: tens of thousands stranded while attempting to flee

Visitors who were told to evacuate a vast area along the NSW south coast before even worse fire conditions return stuck for hours in gridlocked traffic more...