"Wenn man der Wahrheit nahe kommen will, muss man das Unmöglichste denken"

"Ist dies schon Wahnsinn, so hat es doch Methode" - William Shakespeare

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Montag, November 14, 2016

stuff.co.nz: Live: 7.5 New Zealand quake causes casualties, tsunamis, and destruction

New Zealand continues to shake in the wake of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck about midnight in North Canterbury, near Hanmer Springs. [more...]

Sonntag, November 13, 2016

nzherald.co.nz: Live: 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes near Hanmer Springs in South Island, tsunami warning for many New Zealand coastal areas

 • 7.5 quake strikes at 12.02am not far from Hanmer Springs in North Canterbury in the South Island - country still being hit, with more than 100 aftershocks so far
• At least two people have been killed amid reports of many other casualties - one victim suffered a heart attack, another was killed in a historic homestead in Kaikoura
• Tsunami warnings for entire east coast of New Zealand and people are being advised to head for higher ground
• Tsunami waves of up to 2m already have been reported in Kaikoura. Waves also reported in Wellington
• Schools from North Canterbury to Wellington told to remain shut until damage can be assessed
• Prime Minister John Key arrives at Civil Defence bunker under Beehive, says military helicopters being made available
• Key says communications have been difficult and full assessment of damage, casualties still being conducted
• St John receiving reports of injuries around Culverden and Kaikoura
• Power is out in many areas
• NZTA says roads some main highways are closed

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