"Wenn man der Wahrheit nahe kommen will, muss man das Unmöglichste denken"

"Ist dies schon Wahnsinn, so hat es doch Methode" - William Shakespeare

"Wir suchen überall das Unbedingte, und finden immer nur Dinge" - Novalis

Sonntag, August 15, 2010

Wired: Cyberwar Against Wikileaks? Good Luck With That

Should the U.S. government declare a cyberwar against WikiLeaks?

On Thursday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told a gathering in London that the secret-spilling website is moving ahead with plans to publish the remaining 15,000 records from the Afghan war logs, despite a demand from the Pentagon that WikiLeaks “return” its entire cache of published and unpublished classified U.S. documents. .................
Since the Afghan war logs were posted, it’s emerged the 77,000 records already published contain the names of hundreds of Afghan informants, who now face potentially deadly reprisal from the Taliban. WikiLeaks’ publication of those records has drawn criticism from human rights organizations and the international free press group Reporters Without Borders.

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